Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

How long do they last?

Depending on individual nail care and application technique, they can last over two weeks.

Will they damage my nails?

When removed correctly following the instructions, they will not damage your natural nail.

What are they made from?

Holy Gels are made from real gel polish, therefore, they will enhance the firmness of your nail and prevent breakage.

How should they be stored?

Store the gel nails in the provided black pouch away from direct sunlight or UV exposure. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures.

Do they work for everyone?

The effectiveness can vary based on individual factors, including the condition of the nail bed. Factors like natural oils, moisture, nail texture, or even the shape of the nail bed can influence how well the gel nails adhere and last.

Are they HEMA free?

Yes, they are HEMA free.

How hard to they go?

Holy Gels are made from real gel polish, therefore, they do not go as hard as an acrylic. Rather than becoming rigid, they provide added strength to your natural nails, minimising the risk of breakage.


Do I need to prep my nails?

Start with clean and dry nails. Gently push back cuticles and lightly buff the nail surface for better adhesion.

How should I apply them?

Please click here to see full application process

How do I remove them?

You only need cuticle oil to lift the adhesion. Full removal process can be found here

Do I need a topcoat or base coat?

Do not use a base coat isn't required, but you can use a topcoat for added shine and durability if desired.

Can they be applied on acrylics?

Yes, they can be used on acrylic nails, provided the surface is clean and properly prepped before application.

Can I leave them longer than my natural nail?

No, as they are made from real gel polish, they do not harden like an acrylic. They will make your nail more firm which will help prevent breakage.

How should I trim them?

Once the stickers are applied, trim the excess using nail scissors or nail clippers.

Can I use cuticle oil and hand cream?

Prior to applying them, the hands and nails should be completely clean otherwise adhesion will be affected. For optimal application, make sure your hands and nails are clean and free from any oil or creams before applying the gel nails.